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Research Projects

Theme 1: Urine Collection

Downstream effects of urine separation and its conversion to liquid fertilisers

Downstream effect project Stefano.jpg

Novel Sustainable Ground Stabilisation adopting Calcium Carbonate Precipitation using Urine

Behzad Project.JPG

Project 01’ Whole-of-system economics, and safety’

Griffith project.png

Theme 2: Urine Processing to Liquid Fertiliser

Mobile-Nutrients in a Circular Economy-Loo

Up-scaling and field demonstration of Ugold technology

Nutrient recovery using membrane technology

Copy of UTSlaunch_171122_105.jpg

Application of membrane capacitive deionisation (mCDI) for wastewater and urine processing

Theme 3: Fertiliser Optimisation

Loganholme Biosolids Gasification Project

Loganholme Biosolids Gasification Project_edited.jpg

An integrated water treatment process for valuable nutrient recovery
and purification from industrial waste streams

Mikel duke project.JPG

Evaluating the impact of sustainable nitrogen management on carbon footprint 

Liu Ye project.png

NiCE Governance and Perceptions/IH21.UTS.1
Governance for a thriving circular nutrient value chain: An integration study


Theme 4: Fertiliser End-Use

NiCE Loo design competition and test applications of Urval fertiliser for urban parklands and green walls

Leonard COS.jpg

NiCE Markets and Perceptions/IH21.OCP.1
Circular markets for a thriving circular nutrient value chain: A market feasibility and perception study

ISF project with OCP.png

Fertiliser end-use – behaviour in soil interactions with plants

Jeff powell project.png

Applying and studying the effect of human urine nutrient solutions on plant growth 


Evaluation and demonstration of Ugold and Urval efficacy in field trials

Evaluation and demonstration of Ugold and Urval efficacy in field trials_edited.jpg
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