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The NiCE Hub will help transforming Australia's wastewater and resource recovery industry into an advanced manufacturing industry by fulfilling the whole manufacturing value chain from research and development, wastewater treatment, reforming by manufacturing fertiliser, and end-user application.

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Urine Collection

Assess and design systems for separation, collection and amelioration of down-stream effects of wastewater treatment plants at urban, commercial precinct , parks and gardens


Fertiliser optimisation

Produce tailored fertilisers from waste separated at the source; optimise fertiliser formulation and test/apply with end-users.

Assess the safety of fertiliser for reuse (micropollutants, antibiotic resistance, PFAS hazards)

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Urine Processing

Assess the implementation, efficiency and durability of source separation on the operation of urine processing to fertiliser 


Fertiliser end-use

Evaluate the value and impact of urine-derived fertiliser on soil and plant production; applying fertiliser to various land application - horticulture, agriculture., parks and gardens

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